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As a Business Management Consulting and Work & Life Coaching, we deliver innovative solutions in strategies, leadership and operations, supporting businesses and individuals to define their goals and achieve success.

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Methods in business and people development, engagement and success.

Our Values

We build our relations with our associates, clients and communities based on Ethics,  Confidentiality, Confidence and Respect.

Our Target

Doing our best! Tailored solutions challenge our sensitiveness, knowledge and attention. Working together brings experience and long-term .


We believe all people desire to grow and expand. We empower our team and clients to be responsible for, empowered in, and fulfilled in their personal and professional growth

Our legacy

We support and inspire people to work on their own skills and challenges, becoming self confident and make a difference to themselves, families, teams, organizations and communities.  This is who we believe we can achieve Success and Fulfillment.


"I had the opportunity to work with Claudia Lopes in two periods of my career. Claudia was my leader at Engepack and we faced major challenges in implementing systems and launching projects for the holding and other companies in the PRONOR Petrochemical group. A few years later, I hired Claudia to lead a leadership development project at SOLISTICA, whose challenge was developing leaders from different sectors and regions. I like very much Claudia's work style because she has a strategic vision of organizational culture and supports professionals in the engagement process, challenging both personal skills and the status quo. Her work impacted our team, prepared people for promotion and raised the performance of leaders".

F.R.F. Campos, Head of HR at SOLISTICA, LATAM - 2023

"Claudia is a team player with a strong knowledge and experience in HR. She was able to change parading at the leadership team in order to improve the company motivation and work environment. ."   

E. Santa Cruz, current CEO at Danes, S.R.L., Argentina

Former Plant Manager at DuPont, Brazil, 2011  

" Claudia and I worked together for a few months on my life/career. When we first started I was feeling lost and disconnected from what I enjoy doing in life — Claudia, very gracefully, lead me through a path of discoveries, transformation and self improvement. 

She offered me various tools, books, and technics to build goals and find balance between work/life. Through the work we did together I was able to connect myself with what I truly value and enjoy doing. 

Claudia is such a wonderful professional, very attentive, caring, and practical. She was always ready to listen and go with my pace offering me the tools that suits me best. Thank you, Claudia for all the work, care, patience, and results! 

In gratitude, P."    P. Zanol, USA - 2021

"My experience with Claudia Lopes' coaching work was extremely informative and brought to my reality the possibility of knowing the starting point of the corporate world and the job market. I learned to relate to interviewers and understand what I could improve in terms of my knowledge and those required by companies. During my first job, Claudia recommended books and materials to improve my development as a person already in the market. I highly recommend your coaching work to everyone who wants a direction to improve their skills in the job market and to anyone who wants to get into it."    C. F. Ienne, Brazil - 2021  

"I loved working with Claudia. She is an excellent professional and is helping me to focus on my goal and the tasks I need to do so that I can invest in my new job and achieve success.

Claudia is super attentive, objective, practical and welcoming at the same time. With our Career Coaching sessions, I could better understand how I put myself in my work environment and what characteristics I need to work on myself to be more successful. I will be forever grateful to Claudia. Gratitude. Gratitude dear!!"   G. E. Young, USA - 2021 

"Claudia was a boost in my professional life. Through the Career Coaching program, Claudia helped me to revise my training, values ​​and passions to define the future possibilities that would realize me not only professionally, but also forming a self-development path.

Today I am advancing with my training, I found the exact job I was looking for and I have time to focus on my own project for the future. I am extremely grateful for all the work and support she has given and still gives me. I definitely recommend Claudia Lopes to anyone! No matter where you are, take the time and invest in a project for your own development with her". A.B.Aguiar, USA - 2020